Company Value

What is the business worth?

Decision Timeline

When do you need to start the process?

Transition Process

What do you need to do to get started?

Desired Outcome

What are the steps to optimize value?

A Boutique Sell-Side Firm

We Put Business Owners First!

Beacon Hill Equity Group has a proprietary exit planning process to help owners leverage their potential to maximize the financial and intangible benefits of selling their company. Our team understands how to set realistic expectations of value and the timeline it takes to complete a sale.

Market Knowledge

Selling a company takes more than just having a successful business. It requires knowing the marketplace and how to best present the company into the potential buyer pool. Investors have many choices when determining who to make an offer to and the conditions that influence their decision often extend beyond the prior financial performance.

Market Influencers

A buyer will look at all aspects of a possible acquisition. The potential to cross-sell other services into the client base, technology, employees, relationships with key companies or inside the industry, and name recognition are some drivers that can impact a decision. We help you understand what other value you might be bringing to the buyer outside of current financial performance.

Our Role

We evaluate your market potential and then determine the best path to follow to bring your company to the marketplace. There is a psychology to approaching a sale that can also bring emotions into the process. Beacon Hill’s professionals extract every ounce of knowledge about your business that we can and then package that into a compelling story.

About John Leonetti

Founder and CEO

Mr. Leonetti is the founder and CEO of Beacon Hill Equity Group, an exit strategies firm specializing in exit strategy design and execution. John leads Beacon Hill’s investment banking team and will help companies find a buyer for their business. Beacon Hill Equity helps owners of privately held businesses monetize the value of their companies.

This transition process involves understanding the firm’s current market value, developing a presentation package for your business, knowing where to position your company in the marketplace, and managing the intangible elements of the transaction which often include the emotional elements and minor obstacles that can arise.

Companies We Have Worked With

Beacon Hill works closely with business owners to prepare for and execute on successful business transitions.